command respect from the room

Look and feel your best so you can walk into the room with enough swagger that people notice you're in control of your life.


defeat imposter syndrome

Recognize the man inside your mind and soul with your physical appearance on the outside so you can conquer more challenges.


build unbreakable confidence

Build strong confidence so you can become happier and are able to put your best foot forward in all areas of life.

Greetings friend,

We want to thank you for considering Dapper & Fit to be your fitness coach and personal image consultant.

We know it's a tough decision on who you can trust when it comes to such personal matters. Let's face it, your fitness, personal struggles, and your body image perception are very personal.

We want to ensure you that we do not take that trust lightly.

We personally guarantee that your experience at Dapper & Fit will exceed your expectations. From our personal service, positive re-enforcement, and accessibility to us when you need it the most, we're here to see you succeed!

While it may sound cliche, our clients become our family. This is due to the intimate nature of understanding who you are on a deep level that allows us to bring out the best in you. As any good family member should, we want to see you achieve everything you could dream of.

If you have any questions before committing your trust to us, We invite you to call we will be happy to assist you.


Chris & Mariana Reeves
Owners / Coaches

About Dapper & Fit

Dapper and Fit is dedicated to helping you redefine your health, looks, and mindset by creating a custom-tailored program and helping you to achieve your dreams.

Chris and Mariana Reeves started Dapper and Fit in 2018 with the vision of being your premier fitness coach and image consultant.

Unlike a personal trainer who is only there for you at the gym, the mission of Dapper & Fit is to be there for you when you need them the most. Your day-to-day living. When you have questions about your diet needs or need a little encouragement in achieving your goals, Dapper & Fit is there to guide you.

If you've tried fitness trainers in the past with little results or this is your first time looking for help achieving your fitness goals, Dapper and Fit is your only real choice.